talk about the passion …

how we love

my thighs are sore from his hungry hands
my lips are raw from his ravenous mouth
my body is still aching for the touch of
skin, pressed against bone, knotted flesh
I want him in the periphery of my space
his mind entwined in mine, his brain
searching synaptic connections, verbal
communications, body impressed upon
body memory, shadow, dream, language
the entire of my soul is longing for him
burning in feverish desire, wanting only
communion, purification, god how
the flames of hell bite, lick with forked
tongue and pointed horns, I will wear
high, high heels and kneel in worship
hang the witch, burning crucifixion, we
spin a mad and delirious web, naked on
the altar of desire, opening the third eye
body mind and soul: this is how we love.


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