the body does not lie

Martha Graham

The body does not know how to lie.

It is an intersection of forces, impulses, passions, urges. It is the place where we inhale and exhale, where our hearts beat. The language of the body is non-verbal; it speaks in ways we do not fully understand. Yet, it is systematic.

We read body language; we do it on a constant basis. We receive it through our senses, and with the barest awareness, we translate deep feelings and thoughts through our bodies.

It is interesting to me to think of body awareness as another trick of the brain, a seemingly innate reaction by a consciousness that does lie. So if we can lie to ourselves in a psychological context, why does the body escape that?

Perhaps the body does not lie because it is purely rooted in the senses. Our souls live within the body. It is where we love, where we touch the earth, where we reach for the sky.


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