doing the dishes

Today while doing the dishes
I glanced over at my daughter
lying on the floor in the living
room, reading a book, and I
paused to wonder about her mind
her perception of time and space
how her world is centered

I felt the gentleness of my hand
on the plates, the running water
on my wrists, I watched my daughter
who once called my body home
assert her space on the floor, kicking
out her feet and stretching her lean
body against the hard wood grain

I smiled and washed the silverware
glinting in the dim light, every act
was purposeful, every gesture poetic
my hands are powerful, even
in this domestic chore
the sink empty, I washed it down
and returning the sponge to its place
I rinsed it clean.


Originally published in The Mom Egg, Volume 7. The print issue is also available through amazon.


Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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