Just recently, I wrote a blog post about September. Yet, here I am today … the weather is sunny and warm, reminiscent of summer.

The last several days have been cold and rainy. I was beginning to fall into depression at the sudden change that Sepetember brings. But today, I feel more hopeful, more renewed; these last breezes of summer temper the beginning of fall.

I see the plants in the garden welcoming the sun as late flowers burst into heavy blossom, and I know I will see it in my children’s flushed faces when they come home from school. I have a little more time … these moments are but pieces of sun.

Today I wanted to share a recent poem:


we sat together closely, hands
touching, arms and legs bare,

while fireflies lit the night
with their shy and brief flame,

looking for a match, for another
soul awake and alive, to share

the soft breeze, to feel summer
swiftly moving across the sky

I laid my head on his shoulder
and he kissed me, as the world

shone with possibilities, sweet
intoxications, love. All of our

blessings, our dreams and gifts,
are touched by angel’s wings;

our souls rush to the surface, in
recognition, in greeting, and the

whole universe shines within,
enchanting our eyes with stars.


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