It’s now 2012 … happy new year! I always love the turning of the calendar into January, as we close the door on the past year and open the door to the future. I feel like January gives the world a safe place to end, then a reminder; begin again. We celebrate the previous year, think about where we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going. We create, or renew, our resolutions. We celebrate another year of life, another chance to try, another opportunity to begin our worlds anew.

I’ve been doing some work on this website, updating links and categories and pages, trying to organize and expand. I’ve been planning to submit my poetry manuscript for publication sometime in the spring. I’ve got some poems and stories coming out in the next several months, and I’ll be excited to see them in print! I also began a series on this website, where I will share unpublished poems and stories on a weekly basis. I’m really excited about the series, and though I’m still working it out conceptually, I love the potential of this project!

I know that the year 2012 will bring about many changes. Both of my children will graduate this year; my older child will start her first year of high school, my younger one will begin middle school. I am hopeful that the economy may turn around, and that 2012 will see me in a better working and financial situation. If all goes well, I may see the publication of my first poetry book by next year! January finds me on a shifting precipice, not sure where my path will lead next. But I am hopeful, as I look to the future, and cast my dreams and wishes into the new year. Wish me luck! xo


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