fail better

Fail Better.

I feel myself going into myself, coiling inwards
here, in this cursed place; here in this place where
not everything thrives, mostly everything withers

under threat of salt water or smog. I have seen the
evidence, the flooding, the smoke and charred skin
the hot glow of desire and then the binding

If a poem is written, as if one’s life depended on ink
would write in blood if necessary, does it fall like a tree
in the woods / without witness, does it make a sound?

I evolve my answers as the questions become harder
I want and wanting does not feed and clothe babies, it
does not know the language of fuel and utilities

To trust it is pure madness and I am tenacious, at risk
of fracture I keep walking this tightrope, hoping the
next step will be something I could stand on, real

as existence, sure as gravity. I reach with hands and
arms outstretched, still it seems so far and the bottom
is so hard; falling, failing, a bough breaking

words scatter like seeds on a hard wood floor, and I
take a deep breath, kneel down and pick up the pieces
try again, fail again / find a new beginning.



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