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“March is the month of expectation …” ~ Emily Dickinson

Within the past week, I’ve noticed many signs of early Spring. March truly is, as Emily Dickinson says, “the month of expectation.”

Sunday morning, I found myself sitting outside, listening to the lilting music of birdsong under a clear, bright and sunny sky. I love watching the world awaken in early spring, seeing hidden bulbs slowly emerging and flowering, and trees and flowers beginning to bud. Even the shades of green are different in early spring; somehow the color seems more bright and fresh, which deepens as the season progresses into summer.

I love Spring! My other favorite season is Autumn … there is just something about the turning, the movement of change, that appeals to me. The way the world changes seems to be mirrored within me. Recently I’ve also experienced a fresh surge of growth, and I’ve been working on completing a few different projects.

Within the last few days, I finished two dark fiction stories that I’d been working on all winter! Both are being submitted to truly wonderful places, so I am feeling quite hopeful. I’m positively brimming with creative ideas, and have an urgent sense of seeing my seedling concepts, especially those I’ve nursed all winter, grow into blossom.

Today I wanted to share a few poems that I’ve written, inspired by Spring. Click here to read some of my early spring poems.


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