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I’m so happy to announce that I started an online zine for artists of all genres who create edgy and experimental work!

The zine is called Siren and it’s all very exciting. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile … I’ve even had the website template for about a year, but it wasn’t until this past month that I realized – now is the time.

I wanted to create the type of journal that I would love to see and to be a part of – a place for artists of all genres who create edgy and experimental work, and who are seeking to grow and expand, to find different means and methods of expression beyond what has already been done. These are the artists that are so often marginalized and rejected in favor of the mainstream; these are the artists who are shaping future paths, interested in the evolution of their art forms. Having left the well-paved map, these artists are navigating places that have yet to be fully explored, guided only by the whispers of their dreams, the beating of their hearts, and the brilliance of the stars.

That’s what I’m hoping to find, to celebrate, in the creation of this journal. Wish me luck! xo


Siren is a new webzine looking for artists of all genres who create edgy and experimental work. We want work that pushes boundaries, that surprises in terms of structure and content, that provokes a visceral response. We want to be shocked. We want to blush. We want Art that is provocative, raw and beautiful. We want Art with wings, teeth, claws.

We are taking submissions from artists of all genres. This includes but is not limited to poetry, flash fiction, humor, short stories, photography, erotica, and visual art. We would also like to include artists who create short films, music, audio, and graphic media.

Siren will be released quarterly. The submission deadline for the first issue is June 1, 2012.

To submit, send an email to with the type of submission and your last name in the subject line. Please include your contact information, a short bio, and your submission in the body of the email. Our guidelines are as follows: Poetry – 3 poems max. Prose – 1500 words max. Audio/Visual Media – 3 to 5 minutes max. Visual Art – 3 images max.

Unfortunately, we are not able to pay our artists for their work at this time. As an online zine, your work will be free to all who visit the site. You retain all rights to your work.


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  • elaina3

    This sounds Great ..I will think about what I might be able to contribute ..and I look forward to what others will ..<3
    The Best of Everything you XO

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