bound by lust

In Bound by Lust: Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality, editor Shanna Germain has put together a collection of 19 outstanding stories which “explore many of the ways that lust and love interconnect to create sex that’s dirty, degrading, mind blowing, arousing, and, yes, sweetly romantic.”

I have long been a fan of Shanna Germain’s work; her writing is deliciously rich and lush with language and imagery, so I was quite excited to read this anthology curated by her brilliant eye for Cleis Press. Bound by Lust features some of contemporary erotica’s hottest authors, and offers a collection of well-written stories which explore bondage and lust in a myriad of different ways.

I had expected that BDSM would be a theme throughout the collection, and was pleased to find that the stories in this collection took a broad view of bondage, looking at not only the physical manifestations of bondage, but also how we are bound to our needs to expand and grow, to express and discover, and to deepen and define our expressions of sex, sexuality, and relationships.

Under the Clock by Justine Elyot, Eine Klien Spanking by Clarice Clique, Devil’s Night by Veronica Wilde, A Preference for Deference by Allison Wonderland, Crossing the Line by Dominic Santi, and Spring Training by Donna George Storey are stories that immerse the reader in the lifestyle dynamic surrounding kink and bondage, and focus on aspects of training and education as the characters search limits, boundaries, and freedoms in their sexual relationships.

Beautiful Corpse by Craig Sorensen, Being His Bitch by Janine Ashbless, The Heart of Chaos by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and A Few Things to Pick Up on Your Way Home by Andrea Dale are stories that explore and reveal the heart at the center of our sexual relationships. These stories remind us that a relationship with another who shares our deepest desires is an incredible bond. To be bound also means to be secure, and fosters openness, acceptance, and growth.

Marcelle by Alana Noël Voth, Slave Sister by Vida Bailey, Reclaiming Spring by Sommer Marsden, and Whippoorwill by Teresa Noelle Roberts are stories that demonstrate the incredible capacity for healing found in our sexual relationships. Sex is an action, a physical activity that reveals the unspoken, non-verbal language of the body. When we engage our sexual selves with another, we speak what we cannot say through language; we release stress and trauma as we expose, reveal, and accept one another.

Brushstrokes by Kristina Wright, Defining the Terms by Sharazade, Steps by Evan Mora, Life Lines by Nikki Magennis, and No Sleep by Kristina Lloyd are stories that relate to the power of language and the mindful articulation of our wants, needs, and desires. These stories are aware that sex is essentially a form of communication, a uniting of minds and bodies, a shared experience that demands self-awareness, and a powerful means of growth, knowledge, and discovery.

“The stories in Bound by Lust are sweetly romantic, but they’re also kinky, dirty, and full of delicious debauchery,” says editor Shanna Germain, “They’ll make your libido soar along with your heart, showing once and for all that kink and love are not separate entities. They are bound together by the finest ropes, by the tightest knots, by the lustful beatings of loving hands – and loving hearts.”

Bound by Lust is a stellar anthology, well-written and provocative, offering the reader an expansive collection of stories that explore many facets of our sexuality and our sexual relationships, as related to bondage, kink, dominance, submission, love, and desire. These stories are smart and sexy, and the collection as a whole will find you stimulated and spell-bound, body and mind, bound by lust.


Bound by Lust
Edited by Shanna Germain
Published by Cleis Press
$14.95, Trade Paper
224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57344-792-8
June 2012
Distributed by Publisher’s Group West


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