Welcome to the first issue of Siren!

Collected here is the work of unique artists who all share a similar conceptual interest in what is new, edgy, exciting, and experimental in their chosen mediums. These are artists who demand attention, whose work will challenge you to think, to feel. These are artists who are making their own paths, guided by voices and visions and the passion to create, to expand, and to discover.

In this issue, we offer a wide range of poetry, prose, flash fiction, stories, photography, music, and videos. Please click here to scroll through the entire issue. You can also click on the links in the current issue to view the artists’ individual work.

Thank you to all who submitted work to the inaugural issue of Siren. It was a privilege to read, view, and listen to all of the submissions and to see how people are engaging with writing and art, trying new things and approaching their creative pursuits in different ways. It is an honor to create a space in which to share the work of these exceptional artists.

Michelle Augello-Page


Issue 1, Summer 2012


First Rain by Bill DesJardins

Recipe by Kristy Webster

Quietly by Heidi Harris

Poem by Vincent Francone

Untitled by Eleanor Bennett

How To Become A Shadow by Howie Good

Trashed – Untitled 1 by Jonnie Miles

Migrations by Robert McKay

A Kiss by Grant Palmer

Transformation by Jennifer Moffett

Tall Tall Tales by Heidi Harris

Fuck Knot by Shanna Germain

Pavement Grating by Jonnie Miles

Self-Loathing by Jay Sizemore

Open by Afton Wilky

Stalemate by Steve Mitchell

Being Gregory Levine by Bill DesJardins

Kant by Heller Levinson

Don’t Attack Me With Your Happiness by Kill The Band

The Lost Shirt by Ken Poyner

Plastic Sheeting in Tree by Jonnie Miles

The Egyptian Swing by Cutleri

Whispers by Peter Baltensperger

Untitled by Kyla Ann Gellein




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