nefarious ballerina

I’m so happy to have three of my poems – “how we love”, “Muse”, and “He entered this lost empire” – in Issue 6 of Nefarious Ballerina!

Nefarious Ballerina is “a theme-based publication, centered around, for lack of a better word, erotica. This sounds easy enough, but to do it well is the hard part. We are interested in the intelligently erotic.What does that mean? Well, it’s what you say and how you say it that’s important, it’s about sex but it’s also about feelings and morality. It’s the fire that burns in our heads and hearts as well as our loins. It’s more about what goes on above the waist than below it. It’s about the animal in us that makes us human and how much we’ve evolved as a species — and how much we’ve stayed the same.”

Click here to check out the provocative and erotic poetry and art in Issue 6 of Nefarious Ballerina, also available through Issuu.



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