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Issue 2, Fall 2012

Welcome to the Second Issue of Siren!

Collected here is the work of unique artists who all share a similar conceptual interest in what is new, edgy, exciting, and experimental in their chosen mediums. These are artists who demand attention, who are making their own paths. They are guided by voices and visions and the passion to create, to expand, and to discover.

In this issue, we offer a wide range of poetry, prose, flash fiction, stories, photography, music, and videos. Please continue to scroll through the entire issue to see the work of these artists who are trying new things and approaching their creative pursuits in different ways.

Thank you for reading, listening, viewing, and supporting the collective work of the intriguing artists featured in our fall issue. You can also click on the links below or on the side panel to view the artists’ individual pages, and to find out more info about their work. Thanks to all for your support.

Michelle Augello-Page


Issue 2, Fall 2012

* * *

I. She by Sarah Drago

Somnium by William CurrieR

Cosmic Love by Larissa Nash

Cracka Smile – Black Shirley

She declares it good by Misty Rampart

A Dream by Jayne Marek

Mingus V by Kyle Hemmings

Bamboo and Mike Milazzo

Dealer’s Choice by Allie Marini Batts

Urban Decay by William CurrieR

iEnd by iDrew

Bamboo featuring Kid Lucky

Reruns by Kevin Ridgeway

Mingus VII by Kyle Hemmings

Rowan Galagher – The Mad Pride

Losing You by Brida Kuhs

Feel the Cold by William CurrieR

The Estuary Road by Jayne Marek