the tower

The Tower

He says he wants me to love him
from a distance, from a safe and secure
place. He wants me bound and locked
in a tower, my beauty a flower opening
only for his delight, his pleasure.

I don’t know what to say anymore,
words fail, fall and trip, stumble
into walls devoid of meaning, rejected
language hurt and wounded, naked
nouns and verbs stripped, leaving
only sounds and syllables, suspended
between thought and action

He hides his treasures, and I am his
dusty jewel, buried deep in the tangled
forest, lost in the labyrinth of a tortured
mind. Where is he? Not here, not here.
He leaves me no light, and no exit.

I fall deeper and deeper into world
upon world, my desire to create anew
his blurry figure rushes into the abyss
and I wait upon him, wait for him
to find a light in the darkness
I am patient as the morning star
burning, waiting for the break of day

I say: here is a story, once upon a time
and weave my long hair into braids.




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