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I am absolutely thrilled to announce the cover for Into The Woods, my collection of dark and erotic stories!! Right now, I am waiting for my proof copy to arrive!! Once I approve the proof, the book will be available for purchase.  The collection features nine stories; some of the stories have been published individually in the past, while others will be brand new to readers. There are also ex libris illustrations throughout the book by one of my favorite artists, Alphonse Inoue!!


Into The Woods …

Escape into nine dark and erotic stories which explore sex and transformation written in dreams across the body, etched in the language of skin.

Each story is interwoven with magic, music, and art, as lost and damaged characters navigate their broken worlds, searching for wholeness and connection. Many of the stories are sexually explicit, engaging the reader in aspects of kink, fetish, and BDSM play. Some stories represent sexual trauma (abuse, rape, negligence and cruelty). Other stories seek to explore the esoteric, transcendent and transformative power of sex.

Into The Woods is a unique and beautifully crafted collection of stories, rooted in the female, immersed in the sexual and the spiritual, and steeped in the rich archetypal landscape of fairy tales and mythology.


I am so thankful to Dave Mitchell and the publishing collective of Oneiros Books for believing in my work and seeing a published book in the first draft of my manuscript. I love all of the stories in this collection; they are ridiculously close to my heart. I am amazed by the way this collection of stories has grown into a cohesive body of work, and I feel both proud and humbled by this beautiful book.

I just want to also take a moment and thank all of the people in my life, who know me personally or who have grown to know me via the internet, for their constant support and love. The path of a writer is not always an easy one, and having people who believe in me, who believe in my work, and who support my efforts as an artist in this world … I am blessed in so many ways, by so many different people … Thank you. xo


UPDATE 3/21: The book is now available for purchase in both paperback and e-book formats! The paperback version includes illustrations by Alphonse Inoue. The e-book is text only. The title is still in distribution so within the next six to eight weeks, the book will be available pretty much everywhere!! So excited!!!


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