in the palace of gods and monsters


I’m very excited to announce that A Princess Bound is now available!!

Face it, fairy tales were always kind of kinky: from beautiful queens tied up in knots by wicked sorcerers to a wide variety of naughty and nice scenarios. Someone was always getting tied to a bed! In this new anthology of erotic romance fairy tales from the editor of the best-selling Fairy Tale Lust and Lustfully Ever After, the fairy tales are naughtier and have a BDSM twist. Retellings of the classics are joined with clever original tales, making for a darkly sensual and intensely romantic collection.

I’m so happy to be part of this collection! This is the third anthology of fairy tale erotica published by Cleis Press and edited by Kristina Wright, and I’m honored to have stories in all three. You can read “The Kiss” in Fairy Tale Lust and “Wolf Moon” in Lustfully Ever After.


 A Princess Bound

Naughty Fairy Tales for Women


Foreword by Cathy Yardley

Introduction: Bind Me, Whip Me, Call Me Princess

Sealed by Laila Blake

In the Palace of Gods and Monsters by Michelle Augello-Page

The Dancing Princess by Elizabeth L. Brooks

The Smith Under the Hill by Kathleen Tudor

The Seven Ravens by Ariel Graham

Black of Knight by Victoria Blisse

The Silence of Swans by Kannan Feng

The King’s Cousin by Catherine Paulssen

Need and Permission by Benjamin Creek

Locks by Tahira Iqbal

Out of the Waves by Rose De Fer

Your Wish by L.C. Spoering

Thorn King by Jane Gilbert

The Witch’s Servant by Michael M. Jones

Mine Until Dawn by Valerie Alexander

Red and the Big Bad Wolf by Poetic Desires

The Last Duchess by Kristina Wright


Cupid and Psyche by Benjamin West, 1808

“In the palace of gods and monsters” is a semi-original fairy tale, loosely based on the myth of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche. This myth is considered to be “the first fairy tale.” I’ve long been fascinated by this particular myth, and I relayed two versions of the tale along with some images in a previous blog post, which you can read here.

My story removes some of the elements of the original myth to place the behavior and actions firmly upon the two characters. In the myth, it is Cupid’s mother who gives tasks to Psyche after she had betrayed Cupid and is desperate to win back his love. In my story, the tasks are given directly by him. Another difference is that all the tasks are BDSM related; however, sex (though not explicit) is still an essential part of the myth. As far as the tasks themselves, I did attempt to make each one resonate with their original counterparts, at least tangentially. Another element I changed was the role of the Psyche’s sisters. In the myth, it is the sisters who place doubt in Psyche’s heart. In my story, the doubt grows within her.

Nevertheless, the myth and my story are both about the nature of trust as it relates to love and sex and relationships. I believe I did my best to honor the original myth, and to reveal another level of interpretation, a literal “re-vision” of the ideas and concepts found in the original tale. Considering how long ago this myth was created, I find it fascinating that humans still struggle with the same issues in our loving and sexual relationships.


“In the Palace of Gods and Monsters”, “Wolf Moon”, and “The Kiss” can also be found together as three of the nine tales in my collection of dark and erotic stories, Into the Woods, published by Oneiros Books in 2014.


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