In honor of today being February 29, I am reblogging a post I wrote in 2012, which was the last time we encountered a leap year! Hope you all enjoy this special day. x

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Harpers New Monthly Magazine, No. XX. January, 1852

Happy February 29th!

It is a rare day, one that only occurs every four years ~ giving the entire year a new name: a leap year. The leap year’s extra day occurs to “balance out” our calendar. One Earth year does not take an exact number of whole days. Our calendar year is 365 days, but the earth’s rotation around the sun actually approximately takes 365.2422 days.

As a person who doesn’t hold much for standard units of measuring time, I find this extra day added to the calendar quite amusing! It tickles me the same way that Daylight Savings Time does – I think of it as a joke we all agree to play – let’s all set the clocks back, and then forward, and then back again! We are so civilized that we can control TIME!

According to my…

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