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I write poetry, erotica, and dark fiction. My work has appeared in art galleries, online journals, print publications, anthologies, audio and e-book formats.

Recent poetry was presented through the Boundless Tales Reading Series, exhibited at Drift Station Gallery & Performance Art Space, and published in Redactions Poetry, Nefarious Ballerina, Bare Hands Poetry (with corresponding audio), Feather Lit, Oysters & Chocolate, and Handful of Dust. My Mother’s Daughter, a collection of poems from 1998 – 2002, is available as an e-book. Persephone’s Affliction, an illustrated poetry chapbook, was published in July, 2015.

Into the Woods, a collection of my dark and erotic stories, was published in March, 2014 through Oneiros Books and is available in both print and digital formats. Recent fiction has been presented through Triple S: Sexy Scribes Speaking and Storychord and published in Rose Red Review, Tales from the Moonlit Path, Oysters & Chocolate, Penthouse, Cleis Press’ Fairy Tale Lust, Lustfully Ever After, Duty and Desire, Best Bondage Erotica 2014, The Big Book of Submission and A Princess Bound, and James Ward Kirk Fiction’s Serial Killers Quattuor and Niall Parkinson’s No Sight for the Saved, in which I had the honor of receiving a JWK Fiction Editor’s Choice Award for my story, “She.”

In addition to my creative writing, I am the editor of Siren, an online zine for artists of all genres who create new, edgy, and experimental work. I am also a mother and a teacher and live in Long Island, New York. I have a MFA in Creative Writing and a MS in Education, and my undergraduate work focused on psychology, philosophy, creative writing and fine art.

For more about me, check out my blog here at wordpress. You can also find me across the web through various social media sites. To contact me, email m.augello.page@gmail.com. Thank you!





Into the Woods

This sexually explicit anthology is dark, theme-focused, provocative, enticing (on multiple levels) and mood-effective, with no wasted words and plenty of nuance. All of these stories here have something to recommend them. Coupled with Inoue’s anthology-appropriate, equally alluring artwork, this is a great read, as well as one of the best erotic anthologies I’ve read in a long while. Worth owning, this. – Steve Isaac

Unique collection of beautifully written stories which revisit fairy tales and mythology as dreams, fantasies and nightmares. Loved it! – Robin


Individual stories

The Kiss is from Michelle Augello-Page. It is a sensual story whose underlying plot I didn’t get until the very last paragraph. Very intense and alluring. – Bruce Von Stiers

“Into the Woods” : This “contemporary retelling” of Hansel and Gretel lives up to that description, with its troubling, sweet and non-erotic brevity and excellent finish. One of my favorite stories in this collection. – Steve Isaac

I liked this collection of modern, dark, edgy, and erotic fairy tales, my favorite is Wolf Moon … It is not the erotic or romance that really makes this collection shine, but it is the dark edgy tone of the fairy tales. – M.Orias

Possibilities of more intricate action do open up, but only Michelle Augello-Page’s ferocious “Wolf Moon” truly shakes off the shackles – or, should I say, straps them on. – Jenny Swallows

Another reader, Michelle Augello-Page, stood the stage next. Her prose morosely danced throughout a forest of deceit and infidelity. The words hung ornate, impossible to understand without its cousins. Augello-Page’s story cradled a complex beauty that perhaps would better be appreciated when printed. That doesn’t mean I don’t plan to look up just that, y’know. – BBQChickenRobot

I thought ‘Ring of Fire’ by Michelle Augello-Page was beautifully and romantically written – the language is well crafted and exotic, a more descriptive inclusion that really adds to the variety of tone in the book. – Jo

“Into the Labyrinth” : Entertaining, fever dreamish and, at times, brutal read. – Steve Isaac


















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