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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My creative writing has appeared in art galleries, audio and e-book formats, digital and print journals, anthologies, and books. I write in many different genres, and I also create art using a variety of media.

You can check out my author page on barnes & noble and amazon to find the books I’ve published and a list of some of the anthologies I’ve been part of. I’ve also published some work that is freely available online, and on this website.

Through this site, I have specific pages about my books and ways to acquire them, and I’ll be extending periodic offers to purchase some books from me for a more personal and engaging experience! For more information, click on “books” at the top of the page.

Other things you can find on this website are: interviews, a very short video and an audio clip of me reading my work, a blog archive, and a reading series where I post stories and poems that I love and find meaningful and want to share directly with others.

To contact me, please email maugellopage@gmail.com.

Thank you.


some reviews of my work!


Michelle’s work is engaging, visceral and triggers the imagination. I feel like she is someone I’d meet as I walk through the night forest’s dreamscape.
– Elsa Holland

Into the Woods

This sexually explicit anthology is dark, theme-focused, provocative, enticing (on multiple levels) and mood-effective, with no wasted words and plenty of nuance. All of these stories here have something to recommend them. Coupled with Inoue’s anthology-appropriate, equally alluring artwork, this is a great read, as well as one of the best erotic anthologies I’ve read in a long while. Worth owning, this.
– Steve Isaac

Unique collection of beautifully written stories which revisit fairy tales and mythology as dreams, fantasies and nightmares. Loved it!
– Robin

Individual stories

The Kiss is from Michelle Augello-Page. It is a sensual story whose underlying plot I didn’t get until the very last paragraph. Very intense and alluring.
– Bruce Von Stiers

“Into the Woods” : This “contemporary retelling” of Hansel and Gretel lives up to that description, with its troubling, sweet and non-erotic brevity and excellent finish. One of my favorite stories in this collection.
Steve Isaac

I liked this collection of modern, dark, edgy, and erotic fairy tales, my favorite is Wolf Moon … It is not the erotic or romance that really makes this collection shine, but it is the dark edgy tone of the fairy tales.
– M.Orias

Another reader, Michelle Augello-Page, stood the stage next. Her prose morosely danced throughout a forest of deceit and infidelity. The words hung ornate, impossible to understand without its cousins. Augello-Page’s story cradled a complex beauty that perhaps would better be appreciated when printed. That doesn’t mean I don’t plan to look up just that, y’know.
– BBQChickenRobot

I thought ‘Ring of Fire’ by Michelle Augello-Page was beautifully and romantically written – the language is well crafted and exotic, a more descriptive inclusion that really adds to the variety of tone in the book.
– Jo

“Into the Labyrinth” : Entertaining, fever dreamish and, at times, brutal read.
– Steve Isaac


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