dark fiction


Michelle’s dark fiction relates to an array of genre fiction including dark literature, erotica, horror, weird tales, fantasy, magical realism, fairy tales, and contemporary gothic stories. Click here to read through some of her stories online.

“He knelt on the bathroom tile among shards of mirror shattered stars and picked up the hourglass. The alloy felt heavy; the sand was stopped breath, full and bright, apple-red, hungry to be turned, to be free, to fall.”

~ from Tale of the Hourglass, Rose Red Review

You can find more of Michelle’s dark fiction in Serial Killers Quattuor and Niall Parkinson’s No Sight for the Saved (James Ward Kirk Fiction). Into the Woods, a collection of dark and erotic stories, was published by Oneiros Books in 2014 and is available in both print and digital formats.

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