Persephone's Affliction by Michelle Augello-Page
Persephone’s Affliction

ISBN: 9781329209473

“Persephone’s Affliction is a collective arc of poems and illustrations, a journey into the dark landscape of the heart, illuminated and inspired by mythology, psychology, the life/death/life cycle of love relationships, and the Tarot.” Available in print and also as an e-book.



My Mother’s Daughter

2a52e849a005d94c71b0ffe58afb277b27548c25ISBN: 9781301460441

“The poems in this collection comprise  an intimate, heartbreaking, and joyful exploration into the world of women, mothers, and daughters. Written between 1998-2002, these poems chronicle Michelle Augello-Page’s journey, beginning with the birth of her first child and ending with the break-up of her marriage. My Mother’s Daughter is rooted in the bonds that both break us and give us strength.”

My Mother’s Daughter is available as an e-book through Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other online stores.



Some of Michelle’s poetry has been published in  Redactions Poetry , The Mom Egg,  Bare Hands Poetry (with companion audio),  Handful of Dust, Feather Lit and Nefarious Ballerina. Click here to read more of her poetry online.

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