Only he can soothe this wild
loneliness that has grown within me
I want to fall down, down
the black hole of this desire, explore
the heavenly body, that arcane map,
navigate with only breath, hands
fingers and mouth, savor the touch of
wind, skin, devour the hungry night.

Eyes burn and mouths disappear. There
is no scent, there is no time. I reach out
to touch him, his image is solid shadow.
He moves through me, his hands do not
lay upon me. I call out his name, he is
known by many names; he turns, he has
several different faces. he looks at me
as if into an enchanted mirror, fear
entwined with desire, he does not see me,
he sees his reflection in the convex, his
mouth upon mine is an implosion,
shattering glass. I love you, I want to
say, the stars are dying above us.

I place a gift in each hand, and take
off my dress. It has been raining for days
in my mind, his skin is hard bones, soft
depressions. I lick his face, tasting
the moon behind his eyes, the words we
speak are not words. come closer, he says
walk away. this dance is magick, it is
spelled in ways I can barely whisper. I fix
my gaze on the stars, trying to elucidate
the secret; patterns and signs spill across
the open sky; still the world is burning.





Astronavigation was originally published in Bare Hands Poetry, and is also included in my poetry chapbook, Persephone’s Affliction.




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